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ไม่รู้ใช้ได้ป่าวน่ะครับ โค๊ตมันน้อยกว่าใน vB.org อ่ะ


In fact this is a work around for the auto resize feature to work with the WYSIWYG editor.

Step1. In includes/class_bbcode.php

Find (in line around 18xx):

--- โค้ด: ---return '<img src="' .  $link . '" border="0" alt="" />';
--- ปิดโค้ด ---

Replace with:

--- โค้ด: ---return '<img src="' . $link . '" onload="if(largerThan(this.width,700)) {this.width=700;this.alt=\'Click here to see a large version\';}" onmouseover="if(this.alt) this.style.cursor=\'pointer\';" onclick="if(this.alt) window.open(\'' . $link . '\');" border="0" />';
--- ปิดโค้ด ---

Step2. Modify the common template of your template set

Add this to the headinclude section:

--- โค้ด: ---<script type="text/javascript">
function largerThan(a,b)
return a>b;
--- ปิดโค้ด ---

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