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Help Me! Hi everybody! I’m Jeremy. 2023


Hi everybody! I’m Jeremy.
I’m Biochemical graduate student here. I am 33 .

So I’ve got a problem .I have been addicted to internet porn since 1995 when I was 11. Porn addiction (and I think internet addiction generally) doesn't just harm the brain. It can also harm other parts of the body, particularly the gastrointestinal system because it is intimately connected to the brain.

I have come across several case studies in the literature in which a patient developed gastrointestinal damage secondary to brain damage, meaning that the brain damage actually caused the gastrointestinal damage. Any addiction, including porn, leads to a chronic depletion of both dopamine and dopamine receptors. Dopamine is spiked in the short-term while viewing, but when the porn is off, the dopamine is actually too low. Studies done on rats showed that rats deprived of dopamine developed gastric lesions similar to ulcers produced by H. Pylori and that these lesions only healed when either dopamine or a dopamine agonist was reintroduced.    บาคาร่าฝากถอนไวแห่งปี


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