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Evogaming ( many kinds of skills , each player likes and is good at different ways, but after playing for a long time, you will definitely understand other ways of playing. After playing for a long time, you will mix different playing methods on a whim, but sometimes you will It's always a little contradictory to discover different techniques, but master casinos need to tell newbies that if they really can't find a method that works for them, the last resort is the aisle method!

The main method of following the trend is to open the bank in the last game, pick up the banker in the next game, break up the previous game, and then disband in the next game. Baccarat, as the average player knows, often results in a string of bankers or casual players. This technique is all about grabbing that bet. The Baccarat method is designed to give players a chance to win even more!

1. Bank or Leisure that just started in the last game Continue to follow Bank or Leisure in the next game, this is the easiest way to follow, no matter what the opening, buy the same in the next game.

2. Compared with the first heel, this probability will be higher for 2 consecutive times. According to statistics, there is an 80% probability of occurrence. That is to say, when the result is the same for 2 consecutive times, the player can boldly increase the probability of the previous result. Bet.

3. The probability of opening a bankruptcy or a leisure opening 3 times in a row is higher than the first two points. Usually, there are 3 and 4. Of course, if you open 4 consecutive roads in the front, you can buy it at will.

4. When there are 4 in a row, you cannot continue to chase as before. If there are 3, there is also a broken 4, which means that the fourth may be broken.

5. When using the trend-following method, you need to control your betting funds, otherwise it is easy to lose all your efforts.

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