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Converse One Star Ox Black/White

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Converse reimagined its iconic One Star utilizing a velvety cover with the drop of the Converse One Star Suede Low Top. This Converse Black Friday Deals silhouette that once captured the souls of b-boys and skaters is winning the hearts of those who love vintage styles. Although the initial fit of this this supple-finished kick felt tight and narrow, the adequate break-in time paid off. No wonder many count this shoe as one of the most versatile, stylish, and affordable low-tops in their sneaker collection.

If pink sneakers were such a Look For success from women, Converse eventually decided that they needed to make their own special line of suede sneakers for men. It resulted in a product that has a slightly more bold appearance, typically finished in a mandarin orange color combined with white. It makes for an attention-getting sneaker that’s every bit as bold as the pink suede design made for women.

Whether you are a man, woman or child, you can Converse Cyber Monday Sale find a shoe in the Converse One Star line that feels like it’s made just for you. All of the shoes incorporate that same standard of workmanship that you have probably become accustomed to when it comes to Converse products. They all look amazing and they have a tendency to last for years, even if you wear them almost every day.

Stand up and stand out from the crowd in a pair of Converse One Star Ox Black/White. First built for the basketball court, the One Star has transformed over time to become the go-to sneaker for independents. Get the throwback style you're looking for and rock a pair of One Star shoes in the latest colors, prints and patterns, available in mid top and low top styles.

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