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General Community / Extrusion processing of feed making
« เมื่อ: 16/01/23, 10:42:13 »

There has been better performance in swine, fish and poultry fed on extruded pellets than those fed on the mash. The better performance can be attributed to:

The heat used in feed conditioning breaks down starch into its constituent monomers that are further broken down to monosaccharaides. On the other hand proteins are broken down into smaller polypeptides. Is cattle feed business profitable? This enhances feed digestibility due to the large surface area exposed to the enzyme hydrolysis, hence better performance of animals fed these feeds.

During pelleting, the nutrients tend to concentrate in the product and pellets are also bound together. This minimises wastage during feeding and transportation hence increasing average daily gain.
It improves energy digestibility in cereal based diets due to starch gelatinisation, unlike in the mash leading to better performance of early weaned pigs fed extruded feeds.

Helps in improved faecal digestibility of some amino acids in chicken.
Increases digestibility of proteins, amino acids and nitrogen by denaturing of the former and modifying side chains of amino acids. Starch gelatinisation together with the above changes on proteins results in better digestibility, increase feed intake, improved feed conversion ratio and performance in chicken.

Extrusion results in starch gelatinization which makes it more susceptible to amylase, this enhances starch digestibility. This improves poultry performance.

General Community / Introduction of Floating Fish Feed Plant
« เมื่อ: 11/01/23, 14:28:00 »

To satisfy high demands for cost-effective, and high-performance fish feed pellets in world market, we specially customize this floating fish feed pellet plant. It is used to produce variety materials into high-grade floating aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc. With compact design and excellent performance, this floating fish feed pellet plant can liberate you thoroughly from raw material intake to finished feed pellets bulk loading.

General Community / Why Making Feed Pellets For Animal And Poultry
« เมื่อ: 23/12/22, 13:23:59 »

before talking about how to make feed pellets for animal and poultry, let us talk about why making feed pellets for animal and poultry, and the advantages of making your own feed pellets, according to Wikipedia, Fodder, also called provender, is any agricultural foodstuff used specifically to feed domesticated livestock, such as cattle, rabbits, sheep, horses, chickens and pigs. “Fodder” refers particularly to food given to the animals ( including plants cut and carried to them ), rather than that which they forage for themselves ( called forage ). Feeds include hay, straw, silage, compacted and pelleted feeds, oils and mixed feeds, germinated grains and legumes ( eg sprouts, fresh or used malt ).

Most animal feed raw materials are from plants, but some manufacturers add animal feed ingredients to processed feeds that are of animal origin. pellet feed as well as small scale production of feed pellets have many advantages over mash feeds. You can produce feed in pellet form with the exact mix of nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need. animals or poultry also consume the whole pellet and all animal feed ingredients in pellet form. With bulk, you can not be sure that all animal feed ingredients have been consumed and ingested. The processing of composite poultry feed is usually divided into the following steps: receiving and cleaning of raw materials, crushing of raw materials, batching, mixing, pelleting and packaging.

General Community / Biofloc Fish Farm India
« เมื่อ: 9/12/22, 10:00:25 »

The BFT method is rapidly gaining popularity, both nationally and internationally. However, certain types of fish can significantly increase your chances of success with your Biofloc fish farms. Here's how to start your fish farm.
Aquaculture's biggest operating expense is its high-protein feed, which fish require to grow large and be marketable. The structural challenge of fish farming includes keeping the culture water clear of fish faeces. With its cyclical process of converting fish excrement into feed and keeping the culture water clean, healthy, and nutritious, Biofloc fish farm method addresses both these issues in one. Let's look at the best fish to adapt to the biofloc method. These fish will produce high quality yields in the biofloc fish farms' BFT environment. High Quality Making Machine with Competitive Price More At Lima Machinery

General Community / What's the best feed for broilers?
« เมื่อ: 25/11/22, 09:57:18 »

The best formulation depends on the Nutrient Value and highest quality of the Raw Materials
It is used mainly for poultry, maize, rice polish, soya oil, and amino acids, vitamins, trace, mold & toxin binder.
You can create a better formula if you are looking for a better recipe. For starter, 22.5% of CP is required, 6.% EE, lipids, 0.95% of calcium, 0.4% salt, and 0.48% available phosphorous. Grower requires 21.0% of the CP, 8.3% EE, lipids and 0.90% of Calcium. 0.4% of salt and 0.45% available phosphorous.

General Community / Make your own fish feed float
« เมื่อ: 18/11/22, 10:43:42 »

Both the ingredients and the sinking feeds are the same. However, the technology used to make floating feed is extrusion. This technology is very similar to popcorn technology.
Floating fish feed must be extruded so that the feed has a gap and air to float. This is more difficult than home-made floating fish feed extruder machines.
You can add baking powder to the grains. I don't know if this is good for fish growth, but you could try it if you are interested.

General Community / The most common type of aquaculture
« เมื่อ: 8/11/22, 17:05:57 »

Fish farming is the most common type of aquaculture

It involves the picky parentage of fish, either in freshwater or seawater, with the purpose of producing a food source for consumption. Fish husbandry is largely exploited as it allows for the product of a cheap source of protein.

likewise, fish farming is easier to do than other kinds of husbandry as fish aren't watch- ferocious, but only taking food and proper water conditions as well as temperatures. The process is also lower land- ferocious as the size of ponds needed to grow some fish species similar as tilapia is much lower than the space needed to grow the same quantum of protein from beef cattle.

General Community / Different applications of dtf and Sublimation
« เมื่อ: 30/08/22, 10:52:21 »
Sublimation transfer: applied to leather, textile fabrics, plexiglass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood products, copperplate paper, etc.

DTF printing & transfer application range: luggage, handbags, advertising shirts, cultural shirts, children’s clothing, women’s clothing, headbands, aprons, etc.

The PET film transfer fabric is different. PET film can be hot stamped on all fabrics such as knitting, textile, nylon, non-woven fabric, Oxford cloth, etc. The sublimation paper can only be ironed on light-colored or white polyester fabrics. The more you need polyester ingredients, the brighter the color.

The above is the difference between DTF and sublimation printing. I hope to help you make a choice that suits you. If you have a strong interest in DTF printing, you can pay more attention to us. We will update quality content from time to time. Thank you for reading.

General Community / How to choose DTF ink?
« เมื่อ: 5/08/22, 15:03:40 »
With the gradual maturity of DTF printing technology, there are more and more printers on the market, ranging from desktop DTF printers to industrial large-format DTF printers. DTF ink is one of the indispensable consumables for DTF printing, so how to choose the ink suitable for your machine?

Generally, we recommend that you prefer original ink.
The original ink usually has been tested by the manufacturer for a long time, and the performance is relatively stable, the printing effect can be guaranteed.
The original ink has better compatibility with the printer's ink supply system and print head, and is not easy to block and damage the print head, ensuring that the DTF printer maintains the best working condition anytime, anywhere.
The original ink has higher printing quality, strong color expression, delicate picture and high definition.
With the continuous innovation of printing technology of DTF presses, the cost of raw ink is continuously reduced and the price is more and more affordable.

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