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Mastering the Art of PoE Currency: A Comprehensive Guide


Path of Exile (PoE) features a unique and extensive in-game economy that revolves around various types of PoE Currency . Unlike traditional gold-based systems in other games, PoE uses a barter system where players trade different currency items with each other. Using Path of Exile (PoE) currency effectively is essential for character progression, crafting, and trading. Here's a guide on how to use PoE currency:

Identify Different Currency Items:

Understand the various types of currency items in PoE, such as Orbs of Exalted, Chaos Orbs, Orb of Alchemy, etc. Each currency item has a specific function.

Gear Enhancement:

Chaos Orbs: Use Chaos Orbs to re-roll modifiers on a rare item.

Orb of Alchemy: Upgrades a normal item to a rare item with random modifiers.

Regal Orbs: Adds one random affix to a magic item, turning it into a rare item.

Crafting and Modifying Items:

Fusing Orbs: Used to reroll the links between sockets on an item.

Jeweller's Orbs: Change the number of sockets on an item.

Blessed Orbs: Reroll the values of explicit modifiers on an item.

Gem Enhancement:

Gemcutter's Prism: Improves the quality of a gem, enhancing its effects.

Map Enhancement:

Orb of Horizons: Changes the base type of a map to another of the same tier.

Cartographer's Chisel: Improves the quality of a map.

Divination Cards:

Collect specific sets of Divination Cards to exchange for valuable items or currency.


Use currency items as a medium of exchange in player-to-player trades. Exalted Orbs are often a standard high-value currency for trading.

Essence Crafting:

Essence Orbs: Used to craft items with guaranteed modifiers based on the essence type.


Mirror of Kalandra: Creates a mirrored copy of a rare item with identical modifiers. This is an extremely rare and valuable currency item.

Prophecy Enhancement:

Silver Coins: Use silver coins to seek prophecies from Navali. Fulfilling prophecies can lead to valuable outcomes.

Be Mindful of Vendor Recipes:

Certain combinations of items sold to vendors can yield specific currency items. For example, selling identified sets of rare items can result in Chaos Orbs.

Understand Market Values:

Stay informed about the current values of currency items in the in-game economy. Websites and trade tools can help you gauge market trends.

Invest in Map Device Mods:

Use Vaal Orbs to add mods to the Map Device in your hideout. These mods can increase the difficulty of maps but also improve the loot drops.

Consider Currency Conversion:

Some currency items can be obtained by selling other currencies to vendors. For example, selling a full set of identified rare items can yield Chaos Orbs.

Experiment and Learn:

PoE's currency system is intricate, and the best way to learn is through experimentation. Try different crafting methods and observe the outcomes.

Understanding the diverse functions of PoE currency items allows players to enhance their gear, engage in crafting, and participate in the dynamic in-game economy. Experimentation, coupled with awareness of market trends, will contribute to a more rewarding experience in Path of Exile.

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