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How to use DuckDuckGo’s email protection app



It is well known that filling out a form with your email address - for example, to get a discount on a product, receive a newsletter, or get the เล่นสล็อต
results of a quiz - means that you are going to receive an email from that supplier. , and possibly a bunch of other sellers and / or advertisers, forever.

One of the ways around this has traditionally been to create a free email account to use for sites where you want to sign up, but which you suspect are the gateway for a large amount of spam. That's what I did. However, over time, this designated email account can become so well used that it ceases to be a stash for spam and becomes another account that provides advertisers and others with a source of information to aggregate.

This is where DuckDuckGo's latest product comes in.DuckDuckGo is a browser known for its security and privacy guarantees. Recently, the company introduced a new feature to help its users keep their information to themselves: DuckDuckGo Email Protection.

It provides you with a special email address that you can use as an intermediary for sites that you think will likely collect data about you.It works this way: you use your DuckDuckGo address for any suspicious (or just commercial) site. All emails sent to this email address will be filtered for hidden trackers and then forwarded to your “normal” email address.


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