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Gallbladder, however, research is not conclusive.


Is there any evidence that obesity is associated with gallbladder cancer, ovarian cancer or pancreatic cancer?

Increased risk of gallbladder cancer is associated with obesity, especially among women. This may be related to gallbladder stones, which are common in obese people. and is an important risk factor for cancer.

The effect of obesity on ovarian cancer is unclear. Some studies have reported an increased risk in obese people. But some reports have found that they are not related. But recent studies have found that

The risk is increased in obese adolescents to early adulthood. The elderly who were obese did not increase the risk.

There have been studies reporting on the relationship between obesity and pancreatic cancer. One recent study found that obesity increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. only those who are not

Exercise and education A meta-analysis found that obese people had an approximately 19% increased risk of pancreatic cancer compared to those of normal weight.

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