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What are the primary benefits of Autonomous Mobile Robots?
1. Increased Flexibility
Since Autonomous Mobile Robots rely heavily on cameras and sensors onboard for operation, and not magnetic tape or wires as with AGCs and AGVs, they are a model of flexibility and agility in automation. Autonomous Mobile Robots are not required to follow predetermined routes. Instead, they can dynamically design their own routes that run from Point A through Point B within the facility. This makes it possible to avoid obstacles. Autonomous Mobile Robots are also able to perform new tasks more quickly than other automation technology that typically require more time and effort to change the programming. Check out this Autonomous Mobile Robot info for more.
2. Safety - Increased
Autonomous Mobile Robots are packed to the gills with sensors and cameras. These cameras let Autonomous Mobile Robots to comprehend and perceive their surroundings. Autonomous Mobile Robots are able to move effectively in a space without crashing into products, people or the infrastructure. However, machines operated by humans (e.g. forklifts) do not have as many safety measures and depend on human input. Autonomous Mobile Robots minimize the possibility of human operators being distracted or fatigued and causing an accident. Autonomous Mobile Robots can be useful in tasks that need to be repeated frequently, which reduces human error and greatly improves safety.
3. Rapid Implementation
Autonomous Mobile Robots are able to be operational within an operation in about four to six weeks according to the requirements of the operation. The most important aspect here is picking the software and warehouse execution software which the units have to be integrated into. Even for the most advanced technology, this process takes quite a long time. A goods-to-person system (G2P) could take more than a year to implement.
4. Scalability
Since Autonomous Mobile Robots are quite simple to implement within an organization, it's possible to implement the modular deployment method, beginning with a few units and increasing the number as your company grows and your needs change. This lets you reduce the cost of an initial investment because instead of purchasing a massive quantity of Autonomous Mobile Robots in one go the best option is to start with one or two and increase the number of units you have as time passes. This modular deployment frees up money that you can use to pursue other initiatives as you study the effects of Autonomous Mobile Robots on your business and determine what next steps to take.
5. Facilities are simple to move between
Since they know that automation is coming in the in the near future, some businesses may be reluctant to invest in options for automation. This is logical. Why create a new system when it will be removed in the two years after the construction of the new facility? Autonomous Mobile Robots may be useful in these situations to help bridge the gap. Autonomous Mobile Robots are very easy to use and are easily transferred from one place to another. This makes it possible to automate even in the short-term. Companies planning to run in the near-term can benefit from Autonomous Mobile Robots.


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