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In a fast evolving world where change is constant, customer buying habits have also undergone a transformation. Oftentimes, consumers will wait to buy a particular product or service until they have done some research. They have made their purchasing process a conscious act by undertaking their own research and considering various word of mouth reviews and other trusted feedbacks. Few trends that have been noted in this regard are as follows:

Consumers expect more

* Between the year 2008 and 2009, customer expectations concerning brand values recorded 20 percent more than the previous year
* Approximately 86 percent of customers have stopped their business transactions with certain companies because of unfavorable experiences in 2009

Consumers have become more self-reliant and social

dubai translation to english

* About 90 percent of consumer interaction is via indirect channels such as web self service and communities
* Approximately 60 percent of customers want to receive information on market purchases in their own native language.

Considering these statistics, it is imperative for businesses to have information online in native languages. This is where the global support offered by website translation software comes into use.

The Business Challenge

The challenge faced by most businesses is offering a positive customer experience, while catering to a larger and a diverse global consumer base. Previously, consumer self service meant publishing a web page with customer help desk details. The introduction of email, chat and other interactive forums has not reduced the requirement for having a complete website. For global organizations this communication experience needs to consistent across all languages. This helps to attain a balance between fulfilling brand expectations along with a consumer's expectation for immediate solutions. The answer to this lies in adopting effective software localization technology that helps to increase the consistency of your brand in the global market by delivering quality localized products.

Industry Solutions in Website Translation

Leading market players in website translation understand this need for offering global support and make it possible for organizations to interact with their customers in their native language. It publishes information and makes it findable for the customer. The majority of consumers browse the web to find the information they need in the company's corporate website or from other sources to find answers for their product queries.

Innovative website translation technology offered by leading service providers enables companies to publish 100 percent of their knowledge base and support content across many languages. This is done through a proper content management system in a cost-efficient way. The published content is further indexed by the search engines and thereby it becomes findable in the consumers native language and often leads to an increase in customer satisfaction. The result of all this is increased website traffic and scopes for better business procurement globally.

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